Building Car Care Amenity

Transforming Workplace Mobility.

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Transforming Parking Structures.

RUB A DUB partners with the largest landlords in commercial real estate to implement ‘Mobility HUBs’ as a service. The RUB A DUB platform offers the opportunity to add an amenity and increase property value and by bringing parking structures to their highest and best use.


RUB A DUB’s platform offers on-demand, environmentally friendly car care services and helps landlords easily upgrade parking structures to meet the evolving needs of todays commuters and mobility companies.

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1. Provide On-Demand Car Care Services

2. Design + Build Amenity Bay for Tenants

3. Provide Infrastructure for Mobility Companies

4. Increase Net Operating Income and Property Value

Provide On-Demand Car Care Services

Our DUB HUB is an on-demand car care amenity that fosters tenant satisfaction. Attract and retain tenants with a RUB A DUB amenity to maximize cash flow.

Repurpose Parking to Avoid Obsolescence

Avoid functional, economic and structural obsolescence. We re-purpose parking structures to their highest and best use by increasing structure value with an amenity.

Increase Property Value + Vehicle Uptime

Our goal is to increase property value and mobility companies' uptime by providing an all-inclusive platform for all their infrastructure needs.

"They truly are a value added service and a great addition to each of our locations."

Edward Strittmatter
Senior Property Manager, Brandywine Realty Trust






Service Partners




Increased Fleet Uptime

To Buildings

Retain Tenants

Tenant retention is one of the most cost-effective strategies property managers and owners can implement. A good tenant is your unofficial business partner. As long as they’re satisfied with the property, you will benefit from uninterrupted rent payments providing a steady cash flow.

Attract Tenants

Tenant turnover is costly. Recruiting new occupants involves spending money on marketing while losing money on a vacant unit. By having amenities at your property and fostering tenant satisfaction, firms are more likely to be attracted to the property and encouraged to rent.

Increased NOI

Land Value + Structural Value = Property Value. By retaining and attracting tenants you are maximizing your profits. By upgrading your parking structure to include an amenity, you are avoiding functional, structural and economic obsolescence and increasing your overall property value.

Plug & Play Amenity

With today’s amenities arms race among developers, stay a step ahead with the most cost effective, plug and play amenity.

Align with LEED

RUB A DUB is completely waterless and uses only EPA compliant products which do not cause an unsightly mess.

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Who We

We work to save tenants time and increase their work-life balance. We strive to remove clutter and stress from their life by taking a chore off their list. We know how busy and hectic life is and we all have better, more enjoyable things to do with our time, so RUB A DUB takes care of your car care needs while it’s parked.

Amenities attract and retain tenants and improve the value of your property. Roof top lounges, yoga rooms and gyms are great but require a large investment and permits. RUB A DUB works to provide a value add amenity by utilizing unproductive parking space. There is no extensive permitting process nor a large expense and implementation is quick.

We work with reputable, background checked and insured service providers and on-board them onto our platform. Our locations are monitored with camera’s and we provide comprehensive umbrella & liability insurance for all of our vendors. Reviews from clients ensure the highest quality of service.

Many outfits such as ZipCar, Car2Go, Maven and GetAround are already operating out of garages. These companies are running businesses from your parking structure and paying the same rate as a monthly parker when their assets are generating revenues. RUB A DUB works with them to provide an all inclusive suite for their infrastructure needs.

Service Providers
Mobility Companies



Quick Exterior


  • Exterior Wash & Wax
  • Clean Outside Windows
  • Tire Shine

Wash, Wax & Vac


  • Exterior Wash & Wax
  • Clean Inside & Outside Windows
  • Simple Interior Vacuum
  • Dress Tires



Per Month
  • Exterior Wash & Wax
  • Clean All Windows
  • Detail Dash & Console
  • Wheel and Tire Polish / Shine
  • Mat Shampoo

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Request an appointment

Download the RUB A DUB client app for iOS or Android, use this website or call 202-804-9160 to request an appointment.

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Park in RUB A DUB space

On the day of your appointment, park in a RUB A DUB spot or leave your keys with your parking attendant.

Step 3
Monitor, Rate & Pay

Receive real time updates on the status of your service and know when you are ready to go! Payment is securely processed through the app

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