Estimate DUB HUB Cost

Please, select the items below which best describe your plan and the features you require. All estimates are approximate but should give you a rough idea of what it will take to build your own custom plan.

Number of Properties

The number of different properties to install a DUB HUB. Base price is $2,623.17 and includes 2 parking spaces - our minimum.

Number of Parking Spaces

Select number of spaces to allocate towards Amenity Bay. 2 spaces minimum.

Amenity Bay Options

Clean, prime, prep and paint walls and floor with bright and attractive graphics / lettering bringing attention to the new amenity and dressing up the space.

Allow tenants to quickly vacuum out their vehicle in case of spills to and from work or a last minute run to pick up a client.

Give tenants a way to clear their windshields before and after travel in case of vision obstructions.

12 Months service includes refill of windshield station, vacuum filters, vacuum bag refills.

Service Packages*

*May be mandatory dependent on package selected. Pre-purchase gift cards for important guests & tenants.

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